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  • Recently awarded Mapco Decatur, Alabama – Geotechnical Services
  • Recently awarded Bellevue Multi-Use Development – Geotechnical/ESA Study
  • Recently awarded Shoppes of Northgate Murfreesboro, TN – Geotechnical/ESA Study
  • Recently awarded 1000 Division Nashville, TN – Construction Materials Testing Services
  • Recently awarded Gulch Hotel Nashville, TN - Shoring Design
  • Recently awarded Belle Meade Theater Redevelopement – Geotechnical Study
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Notable Projects for Terra Nova Engineering

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505 CST, Nashville, TN

505 BuildingThe 505 office tower include 6 levels of below grade parking and 45-stories of office, apartments and condominiums. Terra-Nova Engineering provided a review of the geotechnical study and additional geotechnical commendations based on the conditions exposed during construction. Currently providing construction materials testing services that includes testing fresh concrete and observation/documentation of post tension cables.

4000 Hillsboro, Nashville, TN

400 HillsboroProvided geotechnical services for the proposed 4000 Hillsboro Development. The proposed construction will include a multi-story residential apartment complex, retail development and office space. Construction will include 4 levels of below grade parking and up to 16 levels of above grade construction.


Village 21, Nashville, TN

Village 21Provided geotechnical services and construction materials testing services for the proposed Village 21 project. The proposed construction includes a four-story structure situated over a below grade parking structure. The development will feature apartments, retail space, and a bank building. The structure is founded by conventional spread foundations bearing on the bedrock surface. Currently providing testing of fresh concrete, observation of reinforcing steel, observation/documentation of post-tension cables, and floor flatness/floor levelness determination.

One Bellevue Place, Nashville, TN

One Bellevue PlaceOne Bellevue Place will consist of a retail-driven, walkable, multi-use redevelopment of the existing Bellevue Mall. The development will also include a multi-family development along with a cinema and hotel. Terra-Nova Engineering provided geotechnical services for numerous structures to be situated within the development and is currently providing construction materials testing services for the development. Construction included the use of the on-site material including the use of the processed demoed concrete structure as fill material. Additional services included the observation and testing of fresh concrete, reinforcing steel, masonry and steel construction.

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